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Posted by MoeAnguish - 2 days ago

Today, i was just scrolling through my old drawings and looking at some of my older "Memories" (Pictures, audio, etc) and then i came across this :


And this... :


These are two of my oldest drawings which i haven't grown to dislike, and i think i made them back in 2017-8 or something. looking at them made me think of something, and that was : "Man... who would have imagined how different things would be after all these years?"

Now i'm just comparing my life, self and older problems to what i'm going through right now, and i can't help but be... shocked - if that's the right word - at how different things are. a few years ago, i was extremely depressed, and i was making video games (Sometimes with people like my old homie @ninjamuffin99) under the name "TheOverGhoul / Ghxulers" like there was no tomorrow and trying my hardest to "make my life better" all while i was in a long distance relationship with some Dutch girl that probably forgot i exist a long time ago (Gotta love the decisions you make at an age like 17...), and now i'm employed, have my own unique art style (Or so people think), met some very nice people who are now also my close friends and well... life isn't exactly the best, in fact, it's pretty bad. but at least it's not as horrible as it used to be a few years back.

It's really interesting how things can change so unexpectedly, you know? i can't even remember what was the turning point in my life, but something happened at some point and now i'm here, and that's great. i'm not sure where i'll be in the future, but i hope i'll be doing even better than this. for those of you who are new here or haven't seen me when i was still using my older username(s), welcome aboard and thank you for your support!

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts real quick, thanks for reading!



Posted by MoeAnguish - February 20th, 2020

The revival of my old video game "Knighting" is now online! go check it out!



Posted by MoeAnguish - February 15th, 2020


Yes, i'm doing video games again after an entire year of not touching them... to see if my skills are still decent enough for this stuff, i've decided to revive an old project of mine that i thought was really successful, and that would be "Knighting"

This game had (If i remember correctly) Nearly 5,000 views and Frontpage / Daily third, 4.5 stars rating and people loved it. so now, i'm making it again but with some additions and of course... different art.

For those of you who didn't get to play the old one from a year ago, i'll upload the legacy version so you can play it soon.

And for those of you who don't know who i am, then let me explain my story :

  • My old name was "Ghxulers/Ghoulers777/TheOverGhoul/etc" i changed names a lot...
  • I had made games such as _R_G_B_ with @NinjaMuffin99, the aforementioned "Knighting" game with @SroSocial, a less successful top down shooter game which will be getting its own revival soon, and some other old projects that i've deleted... i also had nearly 200 fans and plenty of art pieces as well.
  • Real life issues happened.
  • I thought i wouldn't get back to doing this stuff ever again, so i deleted everything as some way for me to let it all go and move on.
  • One year later, things have cleared up and it seems like i can go back in action as an artist/game dev.
  • I wanna start over...

So, basically; i might finish this in either the next couple of days or the next 2 months depending on circumstances. i can't make any promises other than that i'll try my best to finish this quickly.

But anyway, thanks for reading and i hope you're looking forward to playing my game!



Posted by MoeAnguish - January 31st, 2020


You're welcome.