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"And that's all folks."

Posted by MoeAnguish - 6 days ago

A while back i made a post about a game that i made a while back and it's supposed to be a commercial project built with you guys. but sadly, publishers didn't take it, and i can't really go on with development without one, so consider this the end of Down Under.

But honestly, i expected it.


It's not how, it's more of a "why not?" When i make games for myself, purely for the fun of it, i'm being as authentic as i can. i'm not trying to grab your cash and run, i'm just having fun and hoping you would have fun with me. when i made Down Under, that wasn't the case.

I was basically trying to do what data suggests is right. i made it a rogue-like, i used a 2bit aesthetic, i made it an arcade game, and as you'd expect, i had very little fun doing that. it felt mechanical and soulless and by the end of the 3 days it took me to package this game, i had very low hopes, but i thought "Hey, let's give it a go, maybe i'll learn something. i could be wrong too."

And what i learned is, i don't wanna do that ever again and once again, my intuition was correct. i don't even wanna attempt to make another commercial project. i'd rather make games left and right and have you guys enjoy them and if you'd really like to, donate to me for more. i don't want what i make to be behind a paywall if it really doesn't need to. i'm just fine seeing this instead (Taken from my Kofi, and thanks for the support <3)


So basically, in this blatant pursuit of money, i've realized that this isn't what i wanted at all. what i wanted was just to have fun with people.

Why does this not work but the other way, which is creating for the fun of it work? :

Aside from the fact that i'm putting my heart and soul to it, and sharing it with you guys so you can have the same fun i did, it's merely the fact that it's a hobby i have. if i can make money from it that's good, but i've come to realize that trading it for authenticity is a horrible decision. and even from a data approach, here's what my non-commercial projects became after release :


NEO:YORK:KNIGHTS - Made in 7 days. two awards, mostly praised and enjoyed.


Codeine Cowboys - Made in 7-15 days, OVERWHELMING support, and some minor complaints.


NEWGROUNDS AIRFORCE - made in 7 days, overwhelming support, hardly any criticism

And then we have my most recent "masterpiece."


Down under - made in 3 days, practically dead.

I went from winning awards straight in a row and hitting at least 4k to 15k plays on average and getting overwhelming support and encouragement, to a flat 293 plays. no one wanted to play it, anyone barely liked it. i fell from fucking grace with this game.

So, what now? :

Because i've realized that betraying my ideals - which in this case, is doing it for the fun, more than the profit - i'm going to take responsibility for this, not by deleting Down Under, and not by finishing it neither, but i promise bigger and better things. for you and me.

I'll get back to my former self, but more enlightened by what i've learned. in a way you could say it was a very easy lesson to learn and i didn't need this kinda failure to teach to me. betraying your ideals and going for the money goes nowhere. but then again, sometimes i'm not the smartest, you know? i'm only human and i can only think about so much after all. but now that i'm taking the time to reflect on this, i promise to be a better entertainer and content creator.

Does this mean if i was given the chance to make money off of a project - even down under, i'll decline it? not necessarily. but i'll do my hardest to make something all of us would enjoy, because after all, fun, is all i'm after. money comes second, but it's still important, even if not completely.

And thank you for listening. see you next time.



Comments (3)

It's all a part of growing as a creator. Glad you figured what works for you

Yeah, thanks. guess you can't learn without a couple mistakes.

Sounds like you've found the way again. :) Paradoxically making things for fun might end up turning all the more profit too. It seems the same with most businesses, or at least with most creative ones, that those who really pursue their passions all the way, and don't compromise, are the ones who really grow. Then there are studios like EA though so hmm... well, maybe it's all a mixture, but definitely seems like a more positive route to take to make games you enjoy making regardless, better a job I love that I earn just enough to get by with than one I hate but make millions. Unless you can retire quick and then REALLY do what you love.. usually doesn't seem to work that way though. A lucky few do...

Yeah, true. many of the devs i've seen go for fun, but get money and success AND fun in the process, while those aiming to make money tend to not get any of that at least 50% of the time. it's a weird paradox but it is what it is.

Mmm, gotta find the perfect balance. Or just get a lucky break on something you love to make, like the ninjamuffin99 case recently. The more you do the bigger the probability to.

Yeah, for sure.