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Haven't been scouted yet? come here then.

Posted by MoeAnguish - December 6th, 2020

Currently scouted : 57 artists / See full list / As of Jan 19

Are you an artist that hasn't been scouted to the art portal yet? well, now's your chance to get that sweet release of d-A CHANCE UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT!

Just link me your works here and i'll take a look at them and see if i can scout you. if not though, i'll try to recommend some things you could do to improve your works (according to my subjective opinion, which btw, i'll be honest about) and hopefully, you'll benefit from what i have to say or offer.

Also this goes without saying, but you also gotta follow the art portal rules if you wanna stay in the art portal, and believe me, this ain't even that hard. just tag your works correctly and keep NSFW artwork behind the A filter, and don't steal artwork or draw anything that could get you thrown in jail. listing those just for you guys with a short attention span (like me uwu)

Thank you for reading, regardless of whether or not you're an artist, or just an adorable bean.

Here's some music because why not.



Comments (8)

What an awesome initiative. :) Get some more scouts maybe; help out at the same time... really cool of ya! Hope aspiring artists stumble upon this now...

We've got one so far, so I'd say it's going good. and thanks! glad you think so.

I feel like Im still not quite good enough at art but I hope I will eventually be confident enough in my skills to ask you to scout me

Believe me, you're not very far from having that happen. i'll start by looking at this work of yours :

This is actually pretty good. it just needs more shades of color that would give the drawing more "texture" (e.g. a metallic feel to the barrel, or a shiny wood feel to the handle) and the lines need a little bit of cleaning and smoothing. here's how they should look if they were smoothed out some more :

You'd notice that a lot of "more experienced" pixel artists tend to draw their lines like this. some of them don't even use lines but they still have to keep things smooth (or sharp and crisp in some cases) but they'd never leave them like this.

I would also recommend you try different software, like Gimp or Pixly (if you prefer using a mobile phone). Gimp so you could scale your works properly without having to screenshot anything, and so you could mess with the colors and values (using curves and stuff like that) and Pixly because it has more features and stuff that would make the process a lot more fun.

I wish you luck and i hope i was helpful!

Can you give my stuff a look?

Your works are alright, but i think they could be bigger and the coloring could use a few less shades since your works are already pretty small.

@PotatoHorizon @MoeAnguish I will use different software once I get an actual laptop to use rn im limited to making art on a chromebook so I can only use things that work in the browser

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will do my best to take note of this and improve!

No problem! good luck.

Hey! Could you check out my stuff?

I think your works need more polishing and your anatomy requires some improvements.

hey please scout me i was unscouted lots of times and i want to get sum award on my art ;_;

Sorry but i think you art requires further polish.

I have a question, sir.
I was scouted before at some point. Then one day, all of a sudden, I wasn't!
Any idea what could have happened?

Well, it's one of three reasons :
1. The guy scouting you lost scouting privileges and, consequentially got you unscouted.
2. You were removed because you didn't meet the art portal standards.
3. The guy who scouted you simply unscouted you for whatever reason.